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Best 3 Torrent Software for Windows


Torrents are the best way to get the large files including games, movies, TV shows, and videos downloaded. They can make your PC a swarm where data can be shared after it is downloaded, so when you are downloading anything

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AcademicTorrents Torrent Site Serves as a Free Library for Researchers


Joseph Cohen and Henry Lo, the researchers from University of Massachusetts have launched a new torrent site that serves as a free library for academics to share papers and datasets. The site will provide a much reliable and de-centralized platform

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Kickass Torrents Promises To Make A Come Back!


Kickass Torrents was by far one of the most notorious torrent site around, known for easy file downloads. It was closed by the U.S. officials in July because it did not perform according to the U.S. law. If you have

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Is Downloading Torrent Legal Or Illegal?


When it comes to deciding whether or not one should be downloading copyrighted stuff – there’s a lot of confusion surrounding it. Some people think it is perfectly legal if there’s permission from the owner while some consider that piracy of

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BitTorrent Software Features


BitTorrent was the very first client of this software chosen to write for this protocol. This software is often called Mainline by its developers to denote its official origins. After its version 6.0, the BitTorrent client has been considered as a rebranded version

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History of BitTorrent Software


Bram Cohen, a programmer designed a protocol in April 2001 and planned to release its implementation of the BitTorrent client in July 2001. Now the client is maintained by BitTorrent Inc., a Cohen’s company. Before the release of its version

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