BitTorrent is the Top Peer-to-Peer file sharing system Software

BitTorrent is the Top Peer-to-Peer file sharing system Software

A BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing system based on keys mentioned below:

  • Announce : This key is used to get the Uniform Resource Locator or URL of the tracker.
  • Info: This key represents a dictionary where keys functionality will depend on whether one or more files are being shared or not:
  • Name: is the file name where your file is saved in case of a single file and name represents the dictionary name when multiple files are saved.
  • Piece length—number of bytes/piece. Commonly used terms in this category are 28 KiB = 256 KiB = 262,144 B.
  • Pieces contain a hash list that means this list is concatenated an each piece like SHA-1hash will return to a 160-bit hash. Strings here are formed by multiple pieces of 160 bits.
  • File: This contains a list of dictionaries where each dictionary represents a file when hen multiple files are shared.
  • Path contains a list of strings containing the sub-directory names, and the last name of that list is the actual file name.
  • Length represents the file size in bytes.
  • Strings are UTF-8.

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