BitTorrent Software Features

BitTorrent Software Features

BitTorrent was the very first client of this software chosen to write for this protocol. This software is often called Mainline by its developers to denote its official origins. After its version 6.0, the BitTorrent client has been considered as a rebranded version of µTorrent. So, the software is no longer an open source platform unlike other softwares.  This software is available only for Microsoft Windows, Android, and Mac OS X operating systems.

BitTorrent is software program released by Bram Cohen and BitTorrent, Inc. to upload and download files using the BitTorrent protocol.

Salient Features associated with this Software

  • Integrated search box allows the user to search and download files in the main window.
  • This will open a Bit Torrent Search engine page and the search results will be available on the default page of a web browser.
  • Multiple downloads can run in parallel to increase the downloading speed and decrease the processing time.
  • Tabular, statistical, and graphical view of the content allows a user to clearly see what is happening at the background level.

The client permits the user to create and share the torrent files.


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