History of BitTorrent Software

History of BitTorrent Software

Bram Cohen, a programmer designed a protocol in April 2001 and planned to release its implementation of the BitTorrent client in July 2001. Now the client is maintained by BitTorrent Inc., a Cohen’s company.

Before the release of its version 6, BitTorrent was launched in Python language and was completely free software to download and access.

  • Other versions which were released before December 30, 2001, were released without license into thepublic domain
  • Other Versions up to 3.4.2 and including this version too was distributed under thelicense issued by the MIT. 4. x and 5.x versions had source code license released under the Bit Torrent Open source License under the guidance of the Jabber Open Source License.
  • Soon after this, 4.0x and 5.3x versions were given a license under theGPL.
  • 20 version of this client was dubbedAllegro by the BitTorrent Inc., the company with reference to the protocol extensions launched by the company in order to accelerate the download speed and ISP manageability.
  • Snapshot of the 5.30 version of this client have been posted on the Internet Archive and is considered as the latest yet open source version.
  • After version 6.0, this client gained popularity and renamed this branded version of µTorrent. This version doesn’t support an open-source.

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