uTorrent Software Earned Admonishment from Google

uTorrent Software Earned Admonishment from Google

uTorrent software is the torrent program with above 130 million users and it has recently earned an admonishment from Google, maybe as a result of third-party download software.

It was based on this development that a number of Google Chrome users trying to access the uTorrent software are being cautioned that the download service is full of damaging programs. Chrome seems to have flagged the program, which is normally linked with illegitimate torrent downloads, as malevolent and averts the download.

BitTorrent Inc. are the owner of the uTorrent software, which claims to have attracted over 130 million users that make use the bit torrent protocol to download anything – from illegally uploaded movies and TV shows to academic articles. On the other hand, the service of uTorrent has equally been flagged by malware scanners.

To avoid visiting certain sections of the uTorrent website and telling them to reconsider before downloading, Symantec, ESET, Google Chrome as well as the remaining anti-virus programs now caution users.

TorrentFreak news site was informed by one Google spokesperson that blacklisting uTorrent is part of the renewed focus of the company on blocking software that makes unforeseen alterations to users’ computers.

TorrentFreak, a trustworthy piracy news site, wondered that the attention of Chrome was caught by uTorrent because of third party software that was integrated in the download bundle. This report was brought after ExtraTorrent and Kickass Torrents users complained that Google Chrome blocked the sites with the same malware warnings.

Google explained in its Online Security blog post earlier this year that they expanded their efforts in Chrome, ads and Search to keep users safe from sites where the nefarious downloads are available.

They suggested to site owners to register their sites with Google Webmaster Tools in order to help them stay informed when something that can lead people to download unwanted software is discovered by Google. They (Google) also stated further that they will offer helpful tips to site owners to resolve such issues.

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